#63 Gotta Go Fast?! (w/ Loey)


This week we have Loey from YouTube. We talk about the new Sonic movie, the outside prospective on the US election, and so much more. Check him out at the link below. 


☆0 Because We got High?!


We have a bonus episode with Tasha Morrison from No Inner Monologue and Ferral Terrel from Life of Laymen. We get together and tell some tales and play some games. It going to be a blast.

More to listen to:

No Inner Monologue

Life of Laymen

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#55 Armentpau Really Means Everyone Needs To Party As Usual (w/ Paul DeArment)


This week guest is Paul DeArment from Use Your Words Podcast. We talk about the state of the world, board games, video games and more. Let’s find what he has to say. Check him and his friend in the links below.

Paul DeArment
Use Your Words
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#54 An Ear for Audio?! (w/ Chris Bodall)


This week we have Chris Bodall from OverTone Music, we talk audio and the industry. If you looking for someone to work on you audio check him out. 

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