#63 Gotta Go Fast?! (w/ Loey)


This week we have Loey from YouTube. We talk about the new Sonic movie, the outside prospective on the US election, and so much more. Check him out at the link below. 


☆1 A Worst Romeo and Juliet?! (Reactioncast)


This a bonus episode in where I feature an one of my longer episode of my other podcast I produce, Reactioncast, where I talk about TV shows, Anime, and movies. This one in particular our discussion about the final episode of Season 8 of Game of Throne.  

Reactioncast | https://anchor.fm/TyrantDominus

☆0 Because We got High?!


We have a bonus episode with Tasha Morrison from No Inner Monologue and Ferral Terrel from Life of Laymen. We get together and tell some tales and play some games. It going to be a blast.

More to listen to:

No Inner Monologue

Life of Laymen

Find me here | https://linktr.ee/tyrantdominus/ 

#57 Let Your Heart be Your Guiding Key?! (w/ Bill Lazerman)


This week we have William Acker aka Bill Lazerman, we talk audio design, movie trailers and Kingdom Hearts plus more. Check him out and see if you need any work done on any audio project, tell him Jesus sent you.

Bill Lazerman

website: www.billlazerman.com/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bill_Lazerman/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BillLazerman/ 

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