#64 Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood?! (w/ Elliott Rose)


This week with have Elliott Rose for What’s Your Damage? D&D Actual Play Podcast, one of my favorite D&D podcast. We talk about the podcast, the mischief he group gives him, his days of the stage as a comedian, and we reminisce about Mr. Rogers and what he meant to us. Plus go listen to his new show Works of Love.  Check him and him rambunctious group oh their podcast or reach to them on Twitter.

What’s Your Damage (D&D Actual Play Podcast) 

Works of Love (Audio Drama Podcast) 


#62 Up Incoming Web Artist?! (w/ Xicara)


This week have Xicara from Two Friends and Xicara Podcast, we talk about her work in web comics, art school, and YouTube. Check her stuff out with the links below.

☆1 A Worst Romeo and Juliet?! (Reactioncast)


This a bonus episode in where I feature an one of my longer episode of my other podcast I produce, Reactioncast, where I talk about TV shows, Anime, and movies. This one in particular our discussion about the final episode of Season 8 of Game of Throne.  

Reactioncast | https://anchor.fm/TyrantDominus

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